Your question: Does teladoc have dermatology?

Teladoc’s board-certified dermatologists treat a wide variety of skin conditions by web or app, including psoriasis, acne, moles, rosacea, and more.

How much does teladoc dermatology cost?

Dermatologists respond to your request through the Teladoc message center within two working days, and you can ask follow-up questions free of charge for seven days. The dermatologist service costs up to $75 per visit as a copay or $99 per visit if not included in your health plan.

Can teladoc treat rashes?

Whether you have poison ivy or a rash that comes out of nowhere, Teladoc’s U.S. board-certified doctors can help diagnose it, recommend treatment, and even send a prescription to a nearby pharmacy when medically necessary. Use the Teladoc app to upload images to help the doctor with the diagnosis.

Can you use telehealth for dermatology?

Telemedicine allows you to have an appointment with a doctor, including a dermatologist, from the comfort and safety of your home using your smartphone or computer. Patients with both new concerns and ones with chronic conditions can be treated through telemedicine.

Can Online dermatologist prescribe medication?

Yes, online dermatologists can prescribe medications. Their ability to do so may vary by state and the site you utilize. If they do write you a prescription, it may be for an online pharmacy or you may need to take the prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

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How do I get a dermatologist on teladoc?

How it works

  1. Upload images. Request a consult, provide a description and upload images of your condition into your account online or via the Teladoc app.
  2. Dermatologist review. A licensed dermatologist will review your photos, make a diagnosis and provide a treatment plan within two days.
  3. Treatment.

Does teladoc own BetterHelp?

BetterHelp was founded in 2013 by Alon Matas and Danny Bragonier, and acquired by Teladoc, Inc. in 2015. BetterHelp maintained its brand name post acquisition and continues to provide online counseling services to consumers.

Can teladoc prescribe antifungal?

While the solution can be as simple as keeping the affected area dry and applying baby powder or antifungal ointment, Teladoc’s licensed doctors can also prescribe oral, topical, or internal pills, creams, or suppositories if necessary.

Can teladoc treat psoriasis?

U.S. board-certified Teladoc dermatologists are here to help you manage your disease. We can examine your plaques, come up with a skin care routine, and prescribe medication to keep your psoriasis from getting worse. We’ll help you gain control of your health.

Can teladoc prescribe shingles?

Short-term prescriptions: If appropriate, a Teladoc doctor can write a short-term prescription and have it sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Dermatology problems: Turn to Teladoc physicians for treatment of a rash, acne, skin infection, ringworm, shingles, mouth sores or fungal infection.

Can an online dermatologist prescribe Accutane?

Can an online dermatologist prescribe Accutane? Doctors can prescribe medications through electronic prescriptions online if they find a diagnosis of a patient in need of it, so a dermatologist should be able to prescribe Accutane and other treatments if required.

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Can you use teladoc for acne?

Teladoc treats not only acne but also conditions as skin infections, moles, rosacea, and psoriasis. You can trust Teladoc Dermatology for fast, confidential help! ** Behavioral Health benefit available depending on your plan.

Can you do virtual visits for Accutane?

HealthLens is the only store-and-forward telemedicine platform with an integrated Accutane workflow for managing isotretinoin patients with telehealth. The entire workflow is simplified down to a four-step process that is easy for both female and male patients to follow.

Can I go directly to dermatologist?

Many health care plans require you to get a referral from a primary care physician to see a dermatologist. … You don’t absolutely need a referral to see a dermatologist, however, your health insurance company may not cover the visit without a referral.

Can you talk to a dermatologist online?

Online dermatologist visits anytime, anywhere. The only thing worse than suffering from a nagging skin issue is waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist, which can be weeks or months in many areas of the country. At MDLIVE, we can reduce that wait time to less than 24 hours.

Is teladoc any good?

Teladoc is rated 1.6 out of 5 stars, and is used most often by Leisure, Travel & Tourism professionals.