Your question: What does a nano laser peel do?

Nano Laser Peel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and provide a more youthful appearance. It provides superior results because it can be administered with great precision of depth. The procedure can be custom tailored to your specific skin conditions and desired outcome.

What happens after a nano peel?

Immediately after your Nano Peel, the treated skin will be dehydrated, with a frosty, white appearance. This dry tissue will then be sloughed away over the next few days, giving way to fresh, healthy skin. Downtime will last for four to five days, during which time the skin may be red and tender, resembling a sunburn.

How often should you get a nano laser peel?

MAINTENANCE: A series of 2-4 treatments (spaced 6-8 weeks apart) is recommended for optimal results. Single treatments will still provide results for 6-12 months.

How does Nano laser peel work?

A NanoLaserPeel™ is the ultimate rejuvenating tool for combating dry, dull, and tired-looking skin. Using light energy, the treatment removes the top layers of your skin at a depth that catalyzes and accelerates the skin’s renewal process.

How long does a laser peel last?

On average, most patients get to enjoy silky-smooth skin that lasts for anywhere between three and five years after undergoing laser therapy. Many patients maintain treatments by returning every so often for a touch-up or supplementary skin treatment.

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What should I do after Nano facial?

Cleanse with mild, hypoallergenic cleanser (i.e. Cetaphil) and apply Aquaphor to keep treated area/s soft and pliable during healing 2-4 times (or more) daily for the next several days until healed and normal (usually, 2-3 days depending on depth of NanoLaserPeel™). Do not allow treated area/s to become dry or crusted.

Is laser or Microneedling better?

Laser treatments can often provide quicker, more dramatic and long lasting results than microneedling treatments. Because lasers deliver heat to the skin we see more side effects (such as temporary darkening or bruising) and longer downtime due to post-treatment swelling and redness.

What is a nano chemical peel?

NanoLaserPeel is a short-downtime, light treatment that removes the top most layer of the stratum corneum (less than 10um) returning the natural smoothness and lustrous glow of the skin.

What is a halo facial?

Halo combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal. Unlike lasers of the past, which often deliver treatments that are too shallow or too deep, Halo’s unique Hybrid Fractional Laser technology is able to precisely target skin damage at the right depth.