What is the mole ratio of KClO3 to KCl?

The mass of potassium chloride is 3.8 g . Look at the mole ratio you have between potassium chlorate and potassium chloride; what you will see is that every 2 moles of potassium chlorate will produce 2 moles of potassium chloride, i.e. you have a 1:1 mole ratio between the two compounds.

What are the mole ratios for KClO3 KCl O2?

Now, the stoichiometry of the chemical equation gives us the mole ratio as: KClO3_O2=2:3.

What is the ratio of KCl?

Potassium chloride is an ionic salt featuring a bond between an alkali metal and a halogen. It is denoted by the chemical formula KCl and is made up of potassium cations and chloride anions in a 1:1 ratio.

What is the mole ratio of potassium to chlorine?

Notice that it takes 2 moles of potassium and 1 mole of chlorine gas to produce 2 moles of potassium chloride.

What is the mole mole ratio Fe2O3?

In one mole of fe2o3 there are two moles of iron atoms. Now gram atomic wt. of Fe is 56.So in one mole of Fe2O3 there are 2×56=112 gm of Fe. Hence in 1.75moles Fe2O3 there are 1.75×2 moles or 1.75×56 gm of iron.

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How many moles are in KCl?

One mol of KCl is equal to 74.6 grams (from the periodic chart, the gram-atomic mass of potassium is 39.0 and that of chlorine is 35.5. Add together for the gram-molecular mass of 74.6). If you took 74.6 grams of KCl and diluted this to one liter with water, you would have a 1.00 M KCl solution.

What is the molar mass of KCl?

Answer and Explanation: The molar mass of a compound is calculated by multiplying the sum of the relative atomic mass Ar of the constituent atoms by the molar mass constant Mu . Where, Mr is the relative molar mass. Hence the molar mass of KCl is obtained as 74.5513 g mol−1 74.5513 g m o l − 1 .

How do you make KCl?

Preparation: KCl is commonly obtained by mining its minerals, followed by extraction. It is also extracted from brine (salt water). It can also be prepared in the laboratory in small scales by reacting potassium hydroxide (KOH) with hydrochloric acid (HCl).

What is the formula for a chlorine molecule?

Formula and structure: the chemical structure of chlorine gas is Cl2 and its molecular weight is 70 g/mol. Its structure is Cl-Cl, which is also called the element form of the chlorine element, consist in 2 atoms of chlorine joined by a covalent bond.

What is the mole ratio of water to h3po4?

Explanation: And so the molar ration is 6:1 , water:phosphoric acid ……. And you have written the stoichiometrically balanced chemical reaction to inform you.

What is the mole ratio of H2O to KMnO4?

Titrating the H2O2 released with standard KMnO4 yields a mole ratio of H2O2 to MnO4 of 2.5:1, establishing the correct source of O2 and the correct equation to be used in the bleach analysis.

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What is the mole ratio of butane to carbon dioxide?

What is the mole ratio of butane to carbon dioxide? The balanced chemical equation for the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen is shown below. equal to 0.253 mol.

How do you find moles of KCl?

Multiply the number of atoms for each chemical multiplied by the atomic mass. Add up the results from multiplying the numbers to obtain the molar mass for the compound. For example for KCl, (1 atom X 39.0983 Potassium) + (1 atom X 35.453 Chlorine) = (74.5513 g/mol) which is the molar mass for KCl.

How many moles of KCl are produced from 25 g of K?

25122.4 = moles.