How do you express orange peels?

What does it mean to express an orange peel?

Expressing the orange peel lets fragrant oils loose. Jen Marshall, former bartender and current Brand Ambassador for Reyka Vodka, explains, “Orange peels are expressed to float the citrus oils on the drink, both for flavor and smell.

What do bartenders use to peel oranges?

A Y-shaped vegetable peeler makes quick work of peeling citrus fruits and it’s a lot less dangerous than using a knife. If your knife skills are lacking or you’re accident prone, get yourself a peeler! They’re inexpensive and well worth the smooth, thin, evenly cut peels.

How do you express oil from peel?

Take the peel in both hands, between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Twist over the glass, peel side down, to express the citrus oil onto the surface of the drink.

How do I garnish an old fashioned?

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