Frequent question: Can HiBiScrub be used for acne?

5.0 out of 5 stars Give hibiscrub a try it may well work for you as well. I am 70 years of age and have suffered with adult acne since I was 42. Using hibiscrub to wash my face twice a day has certainly helped to control the bacteria causing the outbreaks and reduces the need for antibiotics.

Does Hibiscrub work on acne?

Hibiscrub can be used to clean the skin on the body and face to prevent and treat infections. Some people do notice an improvement to their acne when using Hibiscrub skin cleanser. If you are suffering from mild to moderate acne you should speak to a doctor or pharmacist about the best course of treatment for you.

How do you use Hibiscrub on your face?

How to use HiBiScrub. Wash your face with undiluted HiBiScrub especially around the nose, avoiding your eyes and ears. Use a clean sponge, working downwards, wash your armpits. Continue washing downwards and wash well around the groin area.

What can Hibiscrub be used for?

Hibiscrub is used to disinfect the hands and skin prior to or after an operation or clean procedure (pre- and post-operative hand and skin disinfection / antisepsis). Hibiscrub is also used to disinfect hands after handling infected materials (antiseptic handwashing).

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Can you use Moisturiser after Hibiscrub?

Once you have started preparing your skin before surgery, please do not apply any other bathing products, lotions, moisturisers or makeup. This is because water and ingredients commonly found in personal care products can reduce the effectiveness of chlorhexidine.

Should I dilute Hibiscrub?

Hibiscrub should be very very diluted, at least a 1:20 dilution but most owners use a solution which is too concentrated. Undiluted Hibiscrub is a bright pink colour, but when added to water in the correct concentration it should barely change the colour of the water.

Can you use Hibiscrub as a body wash?

Pour a little HiBiScrub into your hand or onto a fresh wet sponge, and carefully rub soap over your entire body. Start at the top and work your way down.

How do you mix Hibiscrub?

How Do You Mix Hibiscrub? If you feel that your skin might react to Hibiscrub because you have sensitivity to the active ingredient, you can dilute it with a few parts of water. However, consider that antiseptics in general, once formulated, become less effective when diluted with water.

Is Hibiscrub toxic?

It’s not dangerous as long as you’re careful with it and don’t go splashing it all over. It must be well diluted and you shouldn’t use it too often either as it can strip the natural oils out of the skin especially if you use it for everything.

Can I use conditioner after Hibiscrub?

Conditioner can be used afterwards if required. This should be done for 5 consecutive days. Apply the Hibiscrub to a moistened disposable wipe and wash all over the patient’s body (excluding the face) then rinse with water.

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Can Hibiscrub be used on open wounds?

Hibiscrub is a powerful antiseptic solution, often used in hospitals to discourage harmful bacteria. It is not, however, intended to aid healing and should NOT be applied to open or angry wounds.