Do you need to use eye serum and eye cream?

Do you ever wonder what’s the difference between an eye cream and a serum? They both have plenty of similarities in the sense that they treat skin concerns such as fine lines, loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone, and dehydration. Ideally, you want to use both together to get maximum results in anti-aging skincare.

Do you use eye serum before eye cream?

Also, you must always apply under-eye cream before applying a serum/moisturiser and right after cleansing and toning. This is because it is essential to apply lighter products first and also because eye creams are highly absorbent in nature.

Can I use serum instead of eye cream?

Serums are far more effective in creating those long-term results. So, if you are looking for the perfect solution, EVENPRIME has you covered! Our new Hypernova Eye Serum works to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness with an advanced blend of different active ingredients.

Is eye serum necessary?

The first signs of ageing often become visible around the eyes. Good skin care for this area is indispensable. But you don’t necessarily have to use a special eye cream. Eye creams often claim to have been formulated ‘specially’ for the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes.

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Can you put eye serum on eyelids?

Try not to use a lot of eye cream. Otherwise, the cream may enter your eyes and cause irritation. It’s also not recommended to apply eye cream on your eyelids unless the directions say it’s safe to do so. Generally, eye cream should be applied before daytime moisturizer and sunscreen.

What comes first cream or serum?

As a general rule, face nourishers like serums, moisturisers and oils should be applied starting with the lightest formulas. Serums are thin and full of active ingredients you want to drive deep into your pores, so start with them before you move on to fuller-bodied creams.

When do I apply eye serum?

In the morning after cleansing skin, apply an eye serum that targets your problem (for example, if that’s dullness, try one that says “brightening”), and even better if it also contains vitamins C (protection from free radicals) and E (an antioxidant).

What can I use instead of eye cream?

Find these natural ingredients at home, in your cupboard or fridge

  • Freeze coffee ice cubes. …
  • Use green tea bags. …
  • Take vitamin E capsules. …
  • Mix in some vitamin K. …
  • Soothe with coconut oil. …
  • Lock moisture in with olive oil. …
  • Depuff with aloe vera. …
  • Massage with arnica oil.

Is it important to use eye cream?

Using eye cream protects the skin around your eyes better than a moisturizer alone. Chances are the first wrinkle you see on your face as you get older will be around your eye area. The skin under the eyes is thinner than other skin on your face, and can easily start to look puffy if you are tired or stressed.

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Can I use moisturizer as eye cream?

“Generally speaking, moisturizers can be used as an eye cream. However, the composition of a moisturizer may not be as suitable for the skin around the eyes, given how delicate and thin the area is. An eye cream is specifically formulated to be gentle.