Best answer: How good is peel away?

Is Peelaway any good?

5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent paint stripper – worth the money! Stripped about 20 odd layers of paint off 2 cast iron fireplaces with this. I think I slopped this on quite thick, so I needed about 1 and 1/4 tubs in total, but I am sure I could have done it with just one 5kg tub if I had been more economical with it!

How long does Peelaway 1 last?

On average 72 hours minimum. Depending on the surface, number of layers and age of coatings you may be required to leave Peel Away on longer on old buildings, 5-7 days in some cases.

Does Peel Away 7 work?

Sometimes both Peelaway products will work equally well. In this case, we would recommend using Peelaway 7 as it does not require a neutralisation process. … This will allow the modern paints to be removed with Peelaway 7, followed by Peelaway 1 to remove the older paint.

Is Peelaway safe?

Unlike other popular paint removers, Peel Away® 1 does not contain the dangerous chemicals methylene chloride or NMP, making it a much safer alternative for homeowners and professionals. This product is zero VOC, water-based, non-flammable, and biodegradable.

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What’s the difference between Peel Away 1 and 7?

What is the difference between Peelaway 1 and Peelaway 7? The greatest difference in performance will be seen on very old paint systems. … This will allow the modern paints to be removed with Peelaway 7, followed by Peelaway 1 to remove the older paint.

Is Peel Away 1 Safe?

PRODUCT NAME Peel Away 1 PRODUCT NO. PEWA1 APPLICATION Paint remover. Causes severe burns. … GENERAL INFORMATION First-aiders should avoid direct contact with this product and should wear protective gloves, goggles and clothing.

What happens if you leave Peelaway on too long?

Leaving on too long could damage the substrate or you may find the Peelaway® blanket and paste becomes too hard and difficult to clean up.

How do you neutralize Peelaway 1?

1)ALL SURFACES MUST BE THOROUGHLY WASHED WITH WATER. 2) PEEL AWAY 1 is an Alkaline stripper. After removal of the laminated paper sheets, paint, paste, the surface is left with a residue. 3) This loose and softened residue needs to be removed with damp sponges and contained.

Can you use cling film with Peelaway?

Answer: Cling film works pretty well with peel away 1.

Does peel away stain wood?

Stains on woods and timber are very difficult to remove. Peel Away 8 will remove surface colour however once a timber is stained the colour will not be able to return to its original natural colour unless thoroughly sanded. 1. Always allow Woods and Timber to completely dry after stripping and cleaning.

What is the best paint stripper Australia?

Paint stripper for metal Australia – Product list

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Paint stripper for metal type/application Based on
Diggers Paint Stripper Plus Gel/brush or roller Ethylene Glycol; biodegradable (methylene chloride free)
Polystrippa Advanced Paint & Varnish Stripper Gel/brush Dimethyl Sulfoxide (without MC, NMP)

How long does Peel Away 7 take to work?

Apply Peelaway® poultice blanket over paste with printed side face out, rubbing gently to ensure good adhesion to the paste, pierce any air bubbles. Dwell time will be as determined by the test patch, between 1 and up to 48 hours depending on paint types, thickness and temperature.

Does peel away neutralize lead paint?

Peel Away®1 is a cost-effective method for removing up to 30 coats of old oil-based lead paints in a single application providing the first coat is organic. By keeping the lead paint in a wet state, no airborne lead dust is generated. This water-based formulation does not contain methylene chloride.