What is Croton oil peel?

The croton oil peel (also called modified phenol peel or Hetter peel) is a chemical treatment that penetrates deeply into the skin. This peel rejuvenates the surface of the skin for results that last. The croton oil peel is a specially formulated peel based on years of publications and research.

What ingredients are in a phenol croton oil peel?

This peel contains four main ingredients. These are phenol, croton oil, water, and Septisol. The formulation of the Hetter peel is exact.

How long does a Hetter peel last?

Slight concealable pinkness remains for up to 1-2 months which signifies ongoing collagen building in the skin = antiaging! The procedure is comfortably performed with topical and injected numbing (nerve blocks) when needed.

What is a modified phenol peel?

The Hetter Modified Phenol Peel lessens the visibility of scars, such as deep old scars from severe acne. It makes the skin smooth around the eyelids, crow’s feet, pucker marks around the lips, and frown lines. Despite, its effectiveness, the phenol peel is intended only for select patients.

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Can you oil cleanse after a chemical peel?

Cleanse your face with jojoba oil, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil at least twice a day for 7 days after the treatment to keep it clean and fresh. To reap the best chemical peel benefits drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water every day.

What is croton oil used for?

Croton is a plant. The oil from the seeds is used to make medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, people take croton seeds for emptying and cleansing the stomach and intestines. They also take croton seeds to treat gallbladder problems, colic, blocked intestines, and malaria.

What is a Baker Gordon peel?

The Baker-Gordon Peel is based on a unique combination of phenol, croton oil, septisol and water. This peel is a very deep peel used on a select number of patients. This peel is best for patients with very deep wrinkles, fair skin and no aversion to makeup.

Can you see results after 1 peel?

It usually takes several treatment sessions to see the desired outcomes. Most people notice some improvement after their first chemical peel, but with multiple treatments over the span of several months, patients will be astonished by how much better their skin looks.

Why does my skin look worse after a chemical peel?

A chemical peel can cause treated skin to become darker than normal (hyperpigmentation) or lighter than normal (hypopigmentation). Hyperpigmentation is more common after superficial peels, while hypopigmentation is more common after a deep peel.

Does chemical peel hurt?

During a chemical peel, most people feel a burning sensation that lasts about five to ten minutes, followed by a stinging sensation. Putting cool compresses on the skin may ease that stinging. You may need pain medication during or after a deeper peel.

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What is the deepest chemical peel you can get?

Phenol peels are the deepest type of chemical peel. They penetrate the skin deeper than AHA peels or TCA peels to address more serious imperfections such as blotchiness, coarse wrinkles, and acne scars.

How long does a phenol peel last?

It is completely normal to experience “frosting” of your skin, as well as redness, swelling, stinging, crusting, and skin flaking. These are relatively common side effects and will subside as you heal, requiring about 2-3 weeks before they’re cleared up, though the redness may linger and fade over a few months.

Are phenol chemical peels safe?

Deep chemical peel risks

Phenol (a deep peel agent) also can pose a special risk for people with heart disease. Be sure to tell your surgeon about any heart problems and include it in your medical history.

Why is my face not peeling after chemical peel?

It is possible to have an allergic reaction to the components of the peel in susceptible individuals. It is therefore recommended that your skin is prepared with the correct skincare before you have a chemical peel. This may be as little as two weeks or twelve to eighteen weeks depending on your risk factors.

Can I use vitamin C after a chemical peel?

Moisturize: Zinc-oxide lotions are exceptionally gentle to the skin after a chemical peel. Use a Vitamin C serum: Chemical peels enhance melanin activity. Therefore, it is always a good idea to apply a Vitamin C serum, which calms melanin cells.

What is a good moisturizer to use after a chemical peel?

For strong peels, you may use petroleum jelly for the first few days or as needed on sensitive areas that are peeling. When you start to peel, use a non-comedogenic moisturizer such as AveenoⓇ, VanicreamⓇ, CetaphilⓇ, or CeraVeⓇ, until the skin feels back to normal.

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