Is Fraxel good for acne scars?

Fraxel is a widely praised, FDA-approved treatment for acne scars. A patient can expect a 50-75% improvement in the skin divots caused by damaging breakouts. Here at The Aesthetic Wellness Center, we use the 1550 wavelength erbium laser of the Fraxel DUAL to treat acne scarring.

How much Fraxel do you need for acne scars?

Unless the issue is truly minor, you need to get ready for at least three Fraxel laser sessions. Patients with deep acne scars require as many as six to eight visits to achieve optimal results. The time between treatments is usually 4 to 6 weeks.

Can I get Fraxel if I have acne?

Idriss it’s not unheard of for people to start the process much, much younger. “If you have really bad acne and scars and it’s no longer active and you’re no longer on Accutane and it’s something you want to try to fix, you can absolutely start doing Fraxel in your teenage years,” says Dr.

Does Fraxel work on scars?

Fraxel® scar revision is an extremely effective procedure for improving a wide range of scars, improving functional aspects, pigmentation and the texture of the skin. If you have certain types of surgical or acne scarring, Fraxel® is effective for decreasing both the vascular effect and pigmentation.

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What is better than Fraxel laser?

IPL can shrink pores and remove hair, creating a smoother and healthier skin complexion. Unlike Fraxel, IPL requires many sessions to achieve maximum results, but each session is only $500. For an exact quote, it is best to call your local med spa in Frisco, TX.

Does Fraxel reduce pore size?

The Fraxel laser resurfacing treatment can decrease the size of your pores with a short series of treatments. Dr. Schweiger explains that, “The Fraxel laser improves the appearance of enlarged pores by resurfacing the skin completely. The Fraxel laser pokes tiny, microscopic holes in the skin’s surface.

Does Fraxel damage skin?

Because the Fraxel laser does damage your skin cells (in order for them to rejuvenate and improve your skin’s appearance), you need to be certain to clean all treated areas several times a day – two to five, according to – with saline or diluted vinegar solution, depending on your surgeon’s …

Is Fraxel or Microneedling better?

Effectiveness. Both treatments deliver noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture. However, because microneedling does not penetrate the deep layers of the skin, it is better suited to mild skin problems, and the results are typically less dramatic than Fraxel.

How long will Fraxel results last?

Soon after the treatment, the surface of your skin will feel softer, look brighter and show more even tone. The next 3 to 6 months will bring additional improvement as the deeper layers of the skin continue to heal. Results can last for several years depending on your age and skin condition.

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What is the best laser treatment for acne scars?

The best lasers for the treatment of acne scars are the fractionated resurfacing lasers. The fractional CO2 laser therapy is the most aggressive laser acne scar treatment available today and produces excellent results in one treatment.

What does Fraxel do to your face?

Fraxel Laser helps restore your skin to by creating better tone and texture. Fraxel is used to make smaller pores, minimize unwanted brown spots, correct acne scars, and surgical scars, and reduce fine lines.

What is better Fraxel or clear and brilliant?

Fraxel uses a more intense laser, which penetrates the skin deeper than Clear + Brilliant. While Fraxel requires a slightly longer recovery time than Clear and Brilliant, it produces more dramatic results.

How much does a Fraxel treatment cost?

Fraxel’s range from $500 to $5,000, depending on where you live. While the cost varies depending on your region, what type of treatment, and the number of sessions needed, you could be looking at an average of $500 to $5,000 per treatment, advises Shafer.

Does Fraxel really work?

Lasers can effectively treat many other concerns, but these are the three most popular. The Fraxel laser is particularly effective because it penetrates well below the skin’s surface; the underlying tissues are then broken up in a way that: Improves skin clarity. Reduces blotchy coloring.